Photo courtesy Larry

2H19  The Prudence

Product of Telechron know-how, this new kitchen design provides tried and true Telechron performance with low cost and peak attractiveness. Modern case, of moulded white or red plastic, provides harmony with your decorative scheme.  Smart styling and high readability are important features. Black numerals and minute markers stand out against the 4 1/2" white dial which has vermillion hour dots. Minute and hour hands are dark blue. The thin, graceful sweep second hand is red.

Nice style but not their best work.  Styrene case.  Paper dial.  No bezel.  Movement enters in the back and attaches to four posts on the case front with some confusing clips.  They must be confusing because apparently the average person couldn't get them off without busting the posts.  (You have to rotate them.)  These also came in ivory and those are the rare ones.

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original shipping label from a 2H19 box