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Twinface Disassembly
« on: September 10, 2019, 01:44:40 PM »
Anyone here had experience with Twinface clocks?  I have one that needs repair of the "spin to start" lever mechanism.  It looks like the movement comes out through the bottom of the case.  Problem is I can't see how to release the movement from the top of the case. 

In the picture of the bottom of the clock, you can see two tabs on one side that appear to have a drop of glue on them.  They don't have enough length to be twisted slightly to hold fast. Perhaps a previous repair ended in the tabs breaking off. 

The clock runs and the dreaded fiber gear is in good shape.  It's dirty inside, and the start lever mechanism looks like it's missing a piece between the fork arms (arrows) to engage the gear that runs in the middle of them.

Any advice from the experts out there would be greatly appreciated!

- Gordon.


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