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1942 Buffet (?)
« on: September 10, 2018, 06:10:15 AM »
Picked up this clock with a bunch of junkers this spring.  Didn't give it much thought.  The painted bezel was all rusty and I had planned (until last night) of giving it a new, silver one.  When I got it apart, I realized I must be looking at a 1942 Buffet.  l*-  It's got:

  • black case screws
  • painted bezel (RE-painted now)
  • blackened set shaft
  • blackened bronze or brass set knob
  • bronze set gear

I dunno; I just thought it was neat.  It was gonna go right on Ebay but now I may keep it.
What this country needs is a good $5 parts clock.


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