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1918 Lawson Gas Heater Re-purposed
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Those familiar with Lawson Clocks may not be familiar with how Lawson was able to create, manufacture and sell their opulent and expensive clocks during the Depression, it was because long before they were in the clock business, they were in a very successful gas, room/water heater, and stove business.

Lawson began manufacturing heaters in Homestead, Pennsylvania in 1901. In 1914, Lawson built a bigger factory in nearby Pittsburgh. This heater by it's May 28th, 1918 patent date was made in Pittsburgh. The number "0" means it was the smallest in the heater line, the largest was number "30", there is no model number.

I had been toying with the idea of buying one of Lawson's heaters, and when I found this one, I did. I saw one of Lawson's water heaters at a Canton first Monday swap meet and due to it's size I determined I couldn't fit it anywhere, however it was a work of art. This heater does not have the label that clock collectors are familiar with, this one has the logo embossed into the metal, later models in the 20's had a label similar to the clock labels on them.

This Lawson heater has been repurposed, electrified and no longer uses gas (although the fixtures are still intact). This one gives the impression of flames when lit using orange and yellow flame light bulbs, it is a hoot, however it doesn't produce any heat.. The heater is 14" tall, 6.5" wide, and 5" deep.
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