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Re: AB-7B02 - G.E. "Autoalarm"
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This is my service unit at the farm house... it's been running silent for 4 years... what a great clock.  (It's primary purpose is to inform me on power outages.  Secondary purposes are to provide me with enjoyment, satisfaction, and the time of day, in that order.)

Here it is, February 7, 2020, and this unit is still running, uninterrupted for all these years, silent (and for you Telechron/GE enthusiasts, I mean, "SILENT").  Primary use... power outage notification...  Secondary remains the same...  (I do dust it from time to time... got to enjoy the Bakelite sheen...)  This sucker is old...

...from Pappy's dreaded Master List...

7B01  Autolarm  4-1-32 -> 10-26-34  $12.50-9.50-12.50  3,448

AB-7B02  (G.E./Telechron 7B01 clone)
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