334  "The Jeffrey"                                     (my beat-up Jeffy)

CASE, Mahogany; FINISH, Spanish High-lighted; 3 1/2 in.  Gold Finished Dial.  Height 5 13/16"; Width 10 7/16; Depth 2 7/8  $18.00

Commonly seen with the same hands seen on the "Trenton".

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Walking through Inspection
You will notice sitting there
Two girls working -- with no time to spare.
What is it they do -- well here you see,
Testing little gears for the Company.

It is interesting and quite true
The amount of work these girls can do;
From 7:20 until 5:00 at night
They keep working with all their might.

The gears are tested for wobbles and hops
Each size rejects kept in a separate box.
The good gears are passed and sent to be
Put into motors B and C.

This little story is quite true
So people, it is up to you
To be good sports and laugh at we --
Signing off--Ellen and Tootie

--Florence Hughes 1930
(hopefully, she's "Tootie" or this poem makes no sense at all)